Floyd Mayweather to work with Chinese boxing team for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Floyd Mayweather to work with Chinese boxing team for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Arguably the greatest boxer ever, Floyd Mayweather has taken up a new challenge in his retirement years. He will act as an adviser to the Chinese Boxing team for Tokyo Olympics 2020. The Chinese side will hope for a better performance than their four medals at Rio 2016.

Chinese Boxing Federation announced the appointment of Floyd Mayweather, the 5 division World Champion. The CBF announced the news on their official account of WeChat.

Mayweather devoted to the job

The Chinese Boxing Federation went on to say that Floyd Mayweather Jr will give his all. Floyd Mayweather will use his wealth of vast experience and train the boxers to achieve favorable results in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Mayweather hasn’t formally announced anything regarding his plans for Tokyo Olympics 2020, and no other detail is available for now.

This is a new step in Mayweather’s long and remarkably successful journey. He maintained a barely believable record of 49-0 through his long career spanning more than two decades. The American legend retired in 2015.

Is Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather rematch possible?

Floyd Mayweather did come out of his retirement to defeat UFC Superstar Connor Mcgregor in 2017. There is still some talk about his iconic rematch with Philippines legend Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather to work with Chinese boxing team for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Mayweather defeated Pacquiao in the most expensive boxing match ever. Image: Getty

The two last fought in 2015 with Floyd Mayweather winning the game. Manny Pacquiao recently defeated Keith Thurman defying many odds. Mayweather wasn’t surprised though since he’s well aware of Manny’s talent.

Manny Pacquiao tags Floyd Mayweather with a left, and then turns up the heat along the ropes from Boxing

“That doesn’t surprise me. That’s Manny Pacquiao,”

Mayweather said.

Although Pacquiao has earlier expressed a desire for a rematch, he isn’t available for another match this year.

“I don’t have an idea, my plan this time is one fight at a time. He’s in retirement, and he’s enjoying his retirement; he’s inactive. If he’s willing to come back and willing to fight me, then at the time he will announce it, and we can say yes.”

Since Mayweather is also going to be busy with the Chinese team, a match looks less slightly anywhere shortly.

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