Fortnite Battle Royale Game: Likes vs Dislikes

Fortnite Battle Royale Game: Likes vs Dislikes

We all know that Fortnite Battle Royale game is one of the top grossing game nowadays. Many new updates are daily hitting this game for better and more enjoyment of the game players.

Here are some of the things that the Fortnite players likes and dislikes about the latest update in which the player has to face the toughest boss fight till now.



Fortnite Battle Royale Game: Likes vs Dislikes


There are many things which people liked about this toughest boss fight map of Fortnite, some of them are-

  1. When a player plays this map for the first time, it is just like a dream coming true like feeling for the player. Because this map is exceptionally different from the other older maps.
  2. The next thing that most people like about this map is that it is fascinating. As when you play something new, one is always unaware that what next is going to come. So this thing is most liked by the players.
  3. The third point is that while playing this map of Fortnite, the player should be entirely focused on the game and should play it with full concentration.

Fortnite Battle Royale Game: Likes vs Dislikes


There is only one thing that is hated by the game player. Well, that is “The map is tough to play.” That’s why it’s called as the Toughest boss fight made into a Fortnite map.

You can try this Fortnite map, which is called the death-run, by using map code 0249-6711-6008. This gameplay experience would be something out of the world for you, and I’m sure about that.

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