Fortnite Summer Event continues for 14 days along with challenges and rewards

Fortnite Summer event continues for 14 days along with challenges and rewards

The latest update from the Epic games for the Fortnite 9.30 is running live. This is along with the Fortnite Summer Event which will continue for 14 long days is also on its peak. During these two weeks, every day a time warp will continue to execute old weapons for 24 hours.

In addition, daily new challenges will also be added. And if you complete the challenges, Boom, exciting rewards waiting at the inventory. However, Fortnite Summer Event has already begun and now we are at day two of the weeks.


Fortnite Summer event – week starts with dancing in beach parties

As long as the party is on summer event can be spotted at the Fortnite arena. So, there are almost two events available for the players to complete and avail new rewards. Hence, the first event is to “dance at six beach parties”.

And of course loud music and drinks are free, I guess. For this, players need to make an entry at any beach parties and dance. Most importantly, the beach parties need to be different at all the times, in order to complete the challenge.

Fortnite Summer event continues for 14 days along with challenges and rewards

Latest two challenges – dance at beach parties and bounce a giant ball
Credits: Dexerto

And the second challenge for the second day is to “bounce a giant ball”. For this, players need to go to a beach and bounce a giant ball for five different matches.

All the balls bounced need to be completed in 5 different matches. On successfully completing the 14 days challenge, players will be rewarded with different rewards. The first reward is emoted for “deep end dance’ while the second is a load up screen as “Soak it up”.

 Other features, rewards and time breakdown

However, the challenge suggests for 14 days but the event actually continues for 21 days. So, there is plenty of time to complete all the challenges and win rewards. But, if the challenges are completed before the event takes off, a smoothie can be unlocked.

Fortnite Summer Event has more in its bag despite the challenges it appears. Epic games also incurring LTM every day while the event continues. First is the Splashdown, in this players can restrict other players to use water balloons during gameplay?

Fortnite Summer event continues for 14 days along with challenges and rewards

Credits: Dexerto

As well as custom outfits and other accessories can also be availed from the game store. As the Fortnite summer event continues more exciting challenges and rewards are on their way.

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