Friends Movie Status Confirmed by Jennifer Aniston!

Friends TV Show Movie Confirmed

Friends, popularly stylized as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has been an iconic TV show. The series finale aired over a decade ago but it continues to be among the most loved sitcoms on TV and its reruns are watched by millions across the globe! Streaming giants are shelling out hundreds of millions to acquire the rights. With such popularity even today, the discussions of a Friends movie always pop up every now and then and the latest name to be involved in this is Jennifer Aniston.

Friends Movie Happening

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Let us take a closer look at whether this movie is finally going to release or not – and what to expect from it?

Friends Movie Confirmed After Jennifer Aniston’s Post?

Jennifer Aniston, who is known to be a social media recluse, finally made her Instagram debut yesterday, sending her fans into a frenzy! Having already amassed close to 7 Million followers, her post featuring the entire cast of friends now has over 8 Million likes! Given that all the members of the show were seen together in the same picture after a really long time – it has led to the speculation: will there be a Friends Reunion movie coming our way soon?

Friends Movie Confirmed

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Rumors have been rampant on social media over the past several years about how a reunion movie is in the works for over a decade now! However, we haven’t seen all of them appearing at the same place and the same time before this! This is a huge development and a big hint that a movie is indeed coming!

What to Expect from a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Movie?

Friends Reunion Movie

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Most expect that this is going to be the much-rumored ‘The One With The Thanksgiving Reunion’. This is the Friends Movie that has been expected for a really long time as Thanksgiving was a special time for the show in almost every season! Stay tuned with us for more details on this movie.

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