Friends Reunion Rumors: Matthew, David and Jennifer are having Issues with the Episode?

Friends Reunion Rumors: Matthew, David and Jennifer are having Issues with the Episode?

Friends Reunion special episode is yet to arrive on HBO Max and there are already so many controversies related to it. It seems that someone has put on a curse on the cast reuniting after so many years as there always seems to be some sort of trouble.

Earlier, it was the COVID-19 pandemic that delayed the Friends Reunion for a year or more and now a few of the actors are creating issues. It seems that Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are throwing tantrums that are causing more delay in the Friends Reunion release date and here are more details on the rumors and the possible truth behind it.

Matthew, David and Jennifer are having Issues with Friends Reunion Episode

As per the Woman’s Day magazine reports, the Friends reunion cast is having nonstop fights are they are set to reunite for the special episode soon. It started with David Schwimmer who thought that he would be directing the episode and lost his cool when he came to knew that he won’t be even an assistant director.

Matthew Perry on the other hand was so disappointed by the script that he wanted a total rewrite but his demands were ignored. As for Jennifer Aniston, the source claims that she wanted more money than the other actors as she is the biggest name in Hollywood right now. The main three stars throwing tantrums is not helping the case and the Friends reunion special is in total jeopardy now.

Friends Reunion Rumors and Real Truth

Friends Reunion special episode is finally happening without any issues as mentioned above and all the stories are totally fake. David Schwimmer has no interest in directing the episode, neither Matthew Perry wants any script changes.

As for Jennifer Aniston demanding extra salary, the entire cast is getting $2.5 million each and Jen asking for more is totally baseless. Friends Reunion episode release date will be announced shortly and it will stream exclusively on HBO Max all over the world.

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