Frozen 2 Ending Explained: Post Credits Scene, Reason for Elsa’s Powers and Frozen 3 Story

Frozen 2 Ending Explained Post Credits Scene, Reason for Elsa's Powers and Frozen 3 Story

Frozen 2 is one of the best Disney sequels where the story also matured with the audience. The first Frozen movie was released six years ago, and the little kids have grown up to understand the mature storyline of Frozen 2. Frozen part 2 explains how Elsa got her powers, what happened to her parents, and what is the reason behind the magic in Arendelle.

In the last few minutes of Frozen 2, so much stuff happened that fans have been confused and here we have explained the ending of the movie. There is also a post-credits scene after the movie ends and it kind of sets up the Frozen 3 movie.

Frozen 2 Ending Explained and How Elsa Got her Ice Powers

Frozen 2 Ending Explained and How Elsa Got her Ice Powers

Frozen 2 movie revealed that Elsa having Ice powers is kind of a curse that was put on her by the fifth spirits. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf embarks on a journey after Arendelle has to be evacuated due to a mysterious force being awakened.

In the flashbacks, it is shown that Elsa and Anna’s grandfather Runeard kind of backstabbed the Northuldra tribe by building a dam and cutting them from their resources. Runeard also killed the king of Northuldra by foul means and it is why the elemental spirits namely Air, Water, Earth and Fire were released in the wild.

It is when everyone in Frozen 2 finds that Iduna, the mother of Elsa belonged to the Northuldra tribe and saved their father Agnarr during the battle and the Ice spirit passed from her to Elsa. In the end, Elsa’s power fades away but Anna saves her by destroying the dam and restores peace in both kingdoms as each sister rules them.

How Frozen 2 Post Credits Scene Sets Up Frozen 3

How Frozen 2 Post Credits Scene Sets Up Frozen 3

Frozen 2 post-credits scene shows Olaf talking with other Snowgies and Marshmallow in Elsa’ Ice palace. Olaf tells them the events from the first Frozen movie and it is more of a laughing gag copied from Ant-Man movie, where Luis narrates the incidents in a funny way.

Frozen 3 is definitely a go, even though it may take some time as the story have to be perfect. The cast members of Frozen 2 movie have talked about the third Frozen movie and it might be releasing soon.

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