Frozen 3: Is a Frozen 2 Sequel in the Works?


Frozen is an American 3D fantasy-feature film. This computer-animated musical was produced by none other than Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is Disney’s 53rd  animated film which was released by the Walt Disney Pictures.

Inspired by the Snow Queen

It was inspired by Hans Andersen’s famous fairy tale called “The Snow Queen”. This Disney Movie is about a fearless princess.

let it go's singer

Idina Menzel’s “Let it go” won the hearts of people.

Queen Elsa’s “Let it go” still echoes in the hearts of fans with the mere thought of the movie. Along with the movie, Idina Menzel’s strong voice won the hearts of people.

Undoubtedly, the first two parts of the film were very well received. The fans had to wait for a time span of six full years for Frozen 2. Well, it was worth the wait as it made more than $350.2 million globally just in the opening weekend.

Fans expect a sequel

Such profits strongly indicated the third movie had to be made. As much as the fans wanted frozen 3, Disney has no plans to release the third part of this epic tale.

Frozen 3

As much as the fans wanted Frozen 3, Disney has no plans to release the third part of this epic tale.

Romance has been the center of most Disney fairy tales. But Frozen 1 was a tale of two sisters which was left incomplete. Thus, Frozen 2 was inevitable. The creators confessed that they were absolutely eager to showcase the two sisters together.

They had never done a sequel to a musical film. They really wanted to feature the same characters. Unquestionably, the fans witnessed the growth of the story as well as the characters.

Why no to ‘Frozen 3’?

Lee has decided to drop the idea of Frozen 3 release. This Disney tale should not be continued just for the sake of money. Creatively, she feels the story is done. Without a doubt, for now, there will be no Frozen 3.

However, her statement, “As of now I feel done, but I’m also very tired, so ask me in a year,” makes the Frozen fans gasp for air.


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