f(x) band had a raunchy reunion at SMTOWN LIVE 2019 in Tokyo

f(x) band had a raunchy reunion at SMTOWN LIVE 2019 in Tokyo

Although f(x) went dead just after declaring itself a massive chartbuster, the band is eventually ready for a short term comeback.
After four years of nowhere, f(x) has ultimately reunited to perform at SMTOWN LIVE 2019 in Tokyo.

f(x) has finally reunited!

The f(x) fandom, MeU has gone overjoyed after hearing the active words from their pop idols. Meanwhile, the group went inactive after topping charts with 2015’s 4 Walls. However, the band was unable to swallow success.

f(x) band had a raunchy reunion at SMTOWN LIVE 2019 in Tokyo

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The cat and mouse game of chasing fame didn’t go well with the band leads and certainly went in hiding for four long years. Meanwhile, the group has lastly made a comeback public appearance this week. 

f(x) healed the four-year-long stage breach with three prominent band members. Amber,  Luna, and Krystal rocked the stage with their melodious voices and tuneful rhythms.

MeU and f(3) homecoming

However, MeU certainly felt a sheer absence of Victoria from stage sets. Yet, the cheers for f(3) were pristine clear during the concert.

MeU has still not gotten over f(x). You can yet feel the vibes, the aura of roars and applauds while the four rockstars burn stages with their fierce voices. The four-year hiatus, however, remains an abandoned chapter in f(x) history now.

In the initial hours of a cameo demeanor, f(x) headlines every second social media platforms. They have for now crowned all search engines under trending hashtags. Meanwhile, the performance timeline is typically special as this September would be marking a decade long friendship of f(x).

The group will be living their 10th anniversary up with another grand celebration and back to back performances.
Meanwhile, the most amazing that’d happened at the reunion was Krystal’s appearance as a band crooner. As soon as the band went inactive, Krystal poked her hands in acting while swiftly pressing her singing career downwards.

She hasn’t dropped any of her recent album besides 2017’s single ‘I Don’t Wanna Love You’ with June Kim.
Moreover, SM Entertainment is yet to release official footage for the band’s raunchy reunion.

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