G.O and Choi Ye Seul are finally getting married: Details Inside

G.O and Choi Ye Seul are finally getting married
Can we hear some more wedding bells for celebs, this year?
After a series of speculations, actress Choi Ye Seul and MBLAQ’s lead singer G.O. has finally announced that they are getting married, anytime soon. The news was quite obvious. Their engagement rumors were swirling since the day they moved in together.
Major Announcement: We’re Getting Married
 G.O and Choi Ye Seul are finally getting married

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The couple didn’t took it long to tumble on that they were really made for each other only. Choi Ye Seul and G.O. are always been happily public about their relationship.
They regularly updated their fans with their next big steps towards a glowing relationship. Be it their moving together or engagement announcement, the duo leaves no stones unturned to share their happiness with the fandom family.
Evidently, the duo is aware with their profound love and concern for the couple.
G.O and Choi Ye Seul are finally getting married

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Anywise, the couple took no time to openly spotlight their marriage announcement. They casted the engagement tidings through their YouTube channel on July 7.

The couple share a YouTube channel together. They have romantically named the channel as ‘O.Y Couple Story.’

The video turned out to be a factual depiction of their relationship. You will be surely amazed to know the couple has been loving each other for more than 700 days. The time uniquely amounts to a little over 2 years.

He then expressed a thanking gesture to all their fans for supporting and loving them, ever since they fell for each other.

Our fans are more eager than us for our marriage.

G.O and Choi Ye Seul: marriage plans

The couple is reported to held a quite private wedding. The wedding will be inclusive of only family members and close pals, especially, with no media coverage.

Meanwhile, the MBLAQ’s lead singer extended his gratitude to the duo’s parents, who readily understood them and admired their children’s choices. However, they have thrown no light on the exact dates and wedding venues.

They first broke the ice about their relationship in January of 2018. The two reportedly moved together after a serious love affair of 1 year.

We pour our heartiest wishes to the beaming couple !

Happy marriage, G.O. and Choi Ye Seul.

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