Game of Thrones Author: George Martin Confirms Spin Offs

Game of Throne Author : George Martin Confirms Spin Offs

Finally, A long wait is coming to an end. Currently, Game of Thrones is in the final season and four episodes already gone. But we have some great news for all those viewers who were worried about Withdrawl symptoms.

Recently George Martin who is the writer of the Best New York selling Book “A Song of Fire and Ice” on which this popular show Game of Thrones is based. He confirms that HBO is still working on some Game of Thrones Spin-Offs.

All the Spin-Offs of Game of Thrones Series confirmed

Game of Throne Author : George Martin Confirms Spin Offs


On Saturday, George R.R.Martin updated on his blog. He wrote “HBO is working on five “successor show” as the author likes to call them spin-offs. Out of the five successor shows, three of them are moving forward greatly.

 The one I am not supposed to call The Long Night will be shooting later this year-said by George Martin. Two other shows still busy with their scripting but getting closer to the edge.

But what does it exactly mean? I can’t say exactly but if you want to know more you should read “Fire and Blood” so you will get better insights about the story.

Also according to the coming news, HBO also ordered a pilot for the show which George Martin doesn’t refer as The Long Night. The rest of the two shows out of the five shows as mention before are still on development stage.

It is also reported that the director of the TV series “Jessica Jones and Defenders” will help in the spin-off. The shooting will start in summer most probably.

Story of Successor Show

Game of Throne Author : George Martin Confirms Spin Offs


Till yet, we saw the story after Robert Baratheon sits on the throne and Daenerys trying to take over the throne. But “Successor show” will be based on “Fire and Blood” which will be about the history of Targaryen and Mad-king. This show could also tell us about how white walkers attacked the living for the very first time and how they were defeated.

In the upcoming “successor show” we will able to see various things that we want to know. Just wait and keep watching Game of Thrones.

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