Game of Thrones Season 8: Cast speaks about The Long Night and the final scene

Game of Thrones Cast Responds to 'The Long Night' King Moment

The final season of Game of Thrones is on air. And fans are having an immense craze for the popular TV show that has been running since 2011.

In the eighth season till now the Battle of Winterfell has been considered as the most epic battle in the Game of Thrones history.

It was merely some seconds away from claiming bran and blowing humanities spark forever. Arya showed up in time to save her brother.

Williams revealed that she had some reserved factors about the scene. She said:

I thought that everybody is going to hate it and Arya doesn’t deserves it. Adding on further she said that the hardest part of any series is to have a supervillain. And which is impossible to defeat but gets defeated later.

This has to be done with pure intelligence otherwise people would say that the villain was not that bad or strong. I mean a 100 pound cannot stab and defeat the enemy it has to look cool.

Williams had admitted that she felt that Jon, not Arya deserved to have the final blow. Harington was also surprised with the way the writer has resolved the battle.

Game of Thrones Cast Responds to 'The Long Night' King Moment

Game of Thrones Cast Responds to ‘The Long Night’ King Moment
Source: Digital Spy

However, in the end, both these actors came together with the idea of Arya to become the savior of Winterfell. According, to Harington,

It gives Arya to have an end goal.

Well, this is the fight for the Iron Throne. There are 3 more episodes to come for this season. Stay tuned to Blocktoro for more updates on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4.

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