Game of Thrones show stopper Jon Snow seeks Rehab

Game of Thrones show stopper Jon Snow seeks Rehab

Game of Thrones show stopper Jon Snow seeks rehab for alcohol. We were disheartened to see Game of Thrones ending the way it did. After the season finale, we had no idea what to watch later. Just like us, someone else too was going through the same phase.

In fact, he was going through it in a much intense sense. Yes, Kit Harington aka Jon Snow from our favorite series Game of Thrones seeks rehab for various mental issues. Kit Harington was completely dumbstruck after he came to know of the approaching end of the series.

Game of Thrones show stopper Jon Snow seeks Rehab

Kit Harington’s lady loves being extremely supportive of him.

The Story of Rehab and Wife

Kit Harrington has been checking into luxury rehab for alcohol and stress issues. He has been receiving medical and psychological coaching along with some mindful meditation too. Ufffff… Too much to handle for a person right? So apparently Kit Harington had nothing to do after HBO’s series Game of Thrones. The ending of Game of Thrones hit him at the nerve and he hasn’t recovered since.

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Though his wife whom he met on the series itself has been of huge support. Rose Leslie who played Ygritte in Game of Thrones was is reel and is his real love. She has been quite supportive of his rehab and psychological issues. Moreover, every person who has known him from a lesser distance wants him to have some peace and quiet.

Game of Thrones show stopper Jon Snow seeks Rehab

Jon Killed Daenerys and Kit is facing the trouble.

The Mother of Problems

The ending made all of us question the writers, but in Kit’s case, it made him question his character. The leaked video of the cast after the reading of the finale has shaken everyone. Especially Emilia and Kit, their characters were in love with each other and instead of reuniting in the end, Romeo killed Juliet!

Moreover, the mid-series seasons focused a lot on Jon Snow which couldn’t be bored by Kit Harrington. He felt an extreme pressure on his shoulders and didn’t like the limelight. This reason to was a story setter. Overall, Kit loved Game of Thrones more than us and needs a break. His treatment costs $120,000 a month and we want him to get well soon.

Kit Harrington checked into rehab for alcohol and stress from freefolk

Send in your regards to him in the comment section and stay tuned to know more about Game of Thrones and other upcoming or trending series.   

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