George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin to Have a Child Soon, Claim Reports

george and alam

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are known to be a Hollywood couple that frequently appears in magazines and tabloids. Their alleged marital issues were a hot topic for media outlets, and a divorce was also being considered.

george and alam

A divorce process of large scale was expected to result if George and Amal broke up. Millions of dollars would have been involved in the divorce case had the couple decided to part ways.

Expecting a child to fix marriage?

The latest rumor about George Clooney and Amal Amaluddin is that the couple if facing a rocky phase in their marital life, and the reason for this is a disagreement over how many children they should have.

The issue here is that George has different view on the number of children the couple should have. This disagreement has led to a spat between the couple. However, they are working on their relationship problems and the positive progress is considered to be attributable to a set of twins they are expecting!

“It meant a lot to Amal and he can’t say no to her,” the source told NW magazine. “She knew that if she worked on him enough, he’d end up thinking adding to their family was his idea.”

Here’s What’s Actually Going Down

Another tipster revealed that Amal Alamuddin’s pregnancy is no secret given that it is impossible to hide the baby bump. Further, it was said that during video interactions with the attorney, her larger than usual tummy was called out by her friends.

It must be noted that upon investigating, Gossip Cop entirely dismissed these stories. The publication got in touch with George Clooney’s reps to get a confirmation on these reports and they were told that these stories are entirely false.

The reality is that Amal and her husband are making no plans for more children. Also, their marriage is rock solid and no marital issues, whatsoever, have emerged.

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