George Clooney, Amal Clooney Divorce Rumors: Actor Cheating with Catherine Zeta-Jones can Break his Marriage


Recently, George Clooney made an announcement regarding his co-actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. However, this has become the worst nightmare for his wife Amal Alamuddin.

Amal tried to convince her husband to drop his project with Catherine.

An article titled “George & Catherine’s shock Affair Bombshell” was recently published. It was also claimed that Amal  went furious on learning the fact that his soulmate is working on a new script that is going to star Catherine.

According to sources, she also made a statement “Anyone but not Catherine” to Clooney.

The article believes that Amal is feeling a bit insure because it’s not the first time they are working together. Moreover, Catherine is being referred to as Amal’s version in the Hollywood circle.

George and Catherine’s chemistry seemed remarkable on the screen and jealous wife can’t handle this kind of stress.

He’s always told Amal to back off when it comes to his work and this is no different so he and Catherine have been talking a lot lately as he fine tunes this script.

According to a source, Amal gave George a final warning to back off from the project or he will have to face the consequences. She took such an immense decision as her husband is not giving him any attention.

Is anything true about these allegations?

Is George really in trouble with his spouse as he is planning to work with Catherine Zeta- Jones again? A source did some intense research and concluded that all these allegation are false.

From the beginning, the story was found over dramatic and many did not believe it. It stated that there is nothing going on between George and Catherine.



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