George Clooney, Amal Clooney Divorce Rumors: Couple ready to Break Up after filing Lawsuit

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George and Amal Clooney continue to be in the limelight of the rumor producers and sham broadcasters, even though being united for years and the model of A-list Hollywood couples. New but groundless tales of the couple to head towards the divorce villa are being spread.

Last year, The National Enquirer alleged the couple seeing other people and George was supposedly inviting “other men to enjoy the company” of Amal.

George and Amal Clooney

The Double Date in Italy

In May 2019, the Clooneys invited two lucky followers to their luxurious Lake Como villa in Italy, for a “dream double date”. This was simply to raise donations for the Clooney Foundation for Justice. Such a generous move by the couple was misrepresented as an endeavor by George to woo people and find a date, which was kind of stupid.

Uncovering the Truth

Gossip Cop reportedly got in touch with a close source to the Clooneys, who denied the news calling it rubbish, also stated that the couple had no marital issues, nor are they seeking to pursue other partners through any contest.

More than a year has gone by since the separation news came out but George and Amal are still holding up, what is else is a piece of better evidence crushing all the fake conjectures? Still, this doesn’t stop the media from posting rumors about the couple’s menacing divorce, although George’s representative has declared the storied as imaginary many times.

The Celebration

As much as the tabloids have a thing about rumors of the duo splitting, they are also fond of embellishing their romance. The same enquirer that wrote about the couple seeing other people came up with the news of George and Amal rebuilding their vows on the fifth anniversary, assumed to be held in Los Angeles. Megastars like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and others were to attend the celebration.

The actual story was that they did celebrate their fifth anniversary in New York, not in Los Angeles and there weren’t any vows involved either.

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