George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston Rumours: FRIENDS Star wants Clooney to Divorce Amal

Jennifer Aniston George Clooney

George Clooney and wife Amal are always in news with regards to their marriage. Speculations are that their marriage is beyond the brink of repair due to their separate lives and disagreements over raising their children.

However, recent rumours suggest that Clooney is managing to get through the negativity surrounding his marriage with the help of Jennifer Aniston. Apparently, Aniston is counselling the actor through his feelings about his marital issues.

Jennifer Aniston George Clooney

George Clooney Needs The ‘Queen Of Lonely Hearts’?

Reportedly, Clooney is a frequent guest at Aniston’s Bel-Air mansion and often rides his motorcycle to the FRIENDS star’s home. The Ocean’s Eleven actor is pondering whether he should end his marriage with Amal. As Jennifer is helping him out with his scattered thoughts, he’s become a regular at Aniston’s home.

Jennifer Aniston George Clooney

Additionally, Aniston had a few socially distant gatherings a month with the likes of Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Jason Bateman. Lately, Clooney has been popping in every now and then. Allegedly, it’s nice to have him sharing a wonderful friendship with Aniston again.

The Truth About Clooney And Aniston

Are George And Amal Clooney Divorcing? Where Does Jennifer Aniston Fit Into All Of This? Jennifer and George have indeed been friends for a long time. But the story about Clooney depending on Aniston for support is fabricated. In fact, a spokesperson for Aniston told us the report is not true. Also, George is not having any marital issues with Amal.

More Fake Stories About The Two

There was another story a while ago that Amal dumped George on their fifth wedding anniversary. Obviously, that wasn’t true as the couple is still together, very much happy and in love.

George and Amal Clooney

Earlier this month, rumours were that Aniston was fed up with acting. While the story was based on a quote from the actress, it was taken completely out of context and exaggerated.

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