George Clooney, Margot Robbie Rumors: Hollywood Star has Blacklisted the Actress from Films

George Clooney, Margot Robbie Rumors- Hollywood Star has banned the Actress from Movies

George Clooney and Margot Robbie rumors of having a rift have appeared up in the gossip columns recently. There are claims that Clooney has blacklisted Robbie from his movies as she is working with David O. Russell. For those who are not aware, George and David had a huge fight on the sets of “Three Kings” and it is the reason why Margot is being blacklisted.

As per the New Idea reports, Clooney was interested in having Robbie for multiple films but she is now blacklisted from all the future projects after saying yes to Russell. Here are more details on George Clooney, Margot Robbie rumors and the possible truth behind the reports of the Hollywood star banning the actress.

George Clooney has Banned Margot Robbie from his Movies

George Clooney has Banned Margot Robbie from his Movies 

George Clooney is said to be a big Hollywood bully who bans anyone who argues with him on the set and Margot Robbie is his next victim. The Gravity star earlier had issues with Mark Whalberg when he refused to star in “Ocean Eleven” and chose “Planet of the Apes” instead, after which he was also banned.

Margot Robbie is feeling very bad as she was very excited to work with Clooney and his team and the news has shocked her. The Harley Quinn actress had no idea that George holds a grudge against anyone who works with David O. Russell and now he can’t say no to the director after giving commitments. But Robbie is very strong and she won’t let this ban worry her as she will get surely get other movies.

George Clooney, Margot Robbie Rumors and Real Truth

George Clooney, Margot Robbie Rumors and Real Truth

George Clooney, Margot Robbie rumors of having a rift are totally fake and hold no truth. George has not banned or blacklisted Margot from his movies as he is not some kind of bully who rules Hollywood. Also, Clooney has even solved his previous issues with David O Russell and Mark Whalberg and they are on good terms right now.

There are other rumors claiming that George Clooney and Amal Clooney will file for divorce soon but they have been debunked already and none of them makes any sense. Clooney has always portrayed in a bad light with multiple rumors of him having an affair or fighting people are always in the tabloids.

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