George Clooney Retirement Rumors: Hollywood Superstar is Tired of Acting in Movies?

George Clooney Retirement Rumors: Hollywood Superstar is Tired of Acting in Movies?
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George Clooney is thinking to retire from Hollywood and those rumors are making headlines in the tabloids and gossip columns these days. There have been reports that the Ocean star is tired from acting in movies and wants to quit Hollywood soon. Here is more on the George Clooney retirement rumors and the possible truth behind the reports.

George Clooney is Tired of Acting in Movies

George Clooney has become a bitter old man after turning 60 as per the OK! magazine reports. The secret source adds that Clooney is very tired on ‘The Tender Bar’ set and he gets angry over the smallest things. It further claims that George hates staying away from Amal and the twins and he is suffering very much.

There are moments when Clooney is cranky as hell and it is getting worse each day. George Clooney is thinking to quit Hollywood once all his current projects are finished and retire for good.

George Clooney Retirement Rumors and Real Truth

George Clooney retirement rumors are not true and the reports have already been debunked. Clooney is not quitting acting as he is also starring in a new movie with Julia Roberts along with several other projects. If George was really tired, he would not sign up for more movies and hence there is nothing in the story that makes any sense.

The tabloids can’t keep their story straight as some of them even claim that George and Amal are having marriage issues and they will file for a divorce, which is also not true and fans should not believe in such rumors.

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