George Clooney Rumors: Hollywood Superstar is Retiring from his Acting Career?

George Clooney Rumors- Hollywood Superstar is Retiring from his Acting Career?
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George Clooney is one of the favorite actors of the rumor mills and it seems that he is always part of some news story. There have been reports that the Hollywood superstar is retiring from his acting career and pursue his other passions. Here is more on the rumors of George Clooney quitting acting and the possible truth behind the reports.

George Clooney wants to become a Stage Artist

As per the Star magazine reports, George Clooney is quitting Hollywood and not acting, as he wants to do some stage work. The source adds that Clooney sees himself as a classically trained Shakespearean actor and it is his dream to become a stage artist.

The insider source claims that George and Amal will move to London soon and he will reinvent himself as a serious actor. However, the reps for George Clooney have denied the rumors and the story is totally fake.

George Clooney wants to Enter Politics

George Clooney always wanted to enter Politics in his old age and the actor feels that now is the right time. As per the ‘New Idea’ magazine reports, Clooney wants to become the next Governor of California and he even plans to run for President in the next elections.

The ER actor has always been vocal about wrong policies and is also involved in a lot of charity works. The foundation is already laid and it won’t be a surprise if we Clooney running for Governor in the upcoming State elections. However, the rumors are totally false as Clooney has made it clear that he has no interest in joining politics and the fact that he still continues to make movies also put a hold on the retirement reports.

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