George RR Martin gives new Hints on The Winds of Winter Book on his 72nd Birthday

George RR Martin gives new Hints on The Winds of Winter Book on his 72nd Birthday

The Winds of Winter release date has still not been updated by George RR Martin after the author failed another deadline. Fans are furious over the Game of Thrones writer for constantly delaying the book and breaking every promise of releasing the book.

Even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t force Martin to sit down and finish Winds of Winter. Many people are wondering whether George is actually working on the book or he is busy with other projects. Here are more details on the possible “The Winds of Winter” release and George RR Martin working on the sixth ASOIAF book.

George RR Martin 72nd Birthday and Winds of Winter Update

George RR Martin on How he is writing the Next Book in ASOIAF Series

George RR Martin in his recent blog wrote that he is actually working on The Winds of Winter and finishing a few chapters every week. The 72-year-old fantasy author says he is isolated in the hills to avoid any form of the virus and is attended by his minimum trusted staff members only. George recently celebrated his 72nd birthday and it is not that good of a sign.

Martin says that he writes a few pages of TWOW, have some coffee, watches a movie, or reads a book in the night. GRRM is kind of having a similar schedule each day and if he continues the same for a year, The Winds of Winter book should be finished.

The Winds of Winter Release Date Delayed to 2022?

The Winds of Winter release date can be set in Summer 2021 at the earliest as there are still a lot of chapters to be finished. Also, George RR Martin has a habit of rewriting chapters if he is not satisfied and that could take several months.

One must also consider the editing, submitting, and publishing process, it could take one more year before fans can get their hands on the book. It means that The Winds of Winter release date can be delayed to 2022 and fans must not have any high expectations.

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