George RR Martin has Time to Promote other Books but not for writing The Winds of Winter

George RR Martin has Time to Promote other Books but not for writing The Winds of Winter
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George RR Martin has time to do every other thing in the world except one thing that all his fans want. The Winds of Winter book is still pending but the 72-year-old fantasy writer keeps himself busy in other works. Martin recently shared his blog post on Twitter where he is promoting the book ‘Ripple Effects’ from Laura J. Mixon.

It is a part of the Wild Card stories that GRRM is recently promoting all over his social media. While we have no issues in George RR Martin helping out other writers, fans just want him to stay true to his promise and finish ‘The Winds of Winter’ before taking on other work.

George RR Martin promoting ‘Ripple Effects’ Book

George RR Martin talks about the Candle which is actually the character created by author Laura J. Mixon and there is so much more to her and the stories.

For all of you who might be wondering what the Candle has been up to since American Hero… and who he was, and where he came from, and how those amazing powers of his worked… our Hugo-Award-winning author Laura J. Mixon has some answers for you.   So be sure to check out her brand-new, original Candle novella, “Ripple Effects,” upcoming on Tor.com.

George RR Martin promotes the new ‘Ripple Effects’ book and dedicates an entire page of blog to it. Fans are angry that the author could have spend the same time in writing ‘The Winds of Winter’ and finish the book in time.

The Winds of Winter Release Date Updates

The Winds of Winter release date keeps remaining a mystery as George RR Martin has even stopped talking about the book. GRRM has said that he is working on the book, but based on his recent post history, we can assume that the author is busy with other projects. The Winds of Winter will come out when Martin is done and it might take a few more years.

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