George RR Martin is Ready to Write ‘In the Lost Lands’ Sequel, but not The Winds of Winter

George RR Martin is Ready to Write 'In the Lost Lands' Sequel, but not The Winds of Winter
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George RR Martin has time to write everything other than ‘The Winds of Winter’ book and it is getting evident every day. The fantasy author has been asked by the ASOIAF fans to finish The Winds of Winter but there is hardly any progress even after so many years are passed.

The latest reason which has angered fans is Martin saying in his blog post that he is ready to write ‘In the Lost Lands’ sequels if the movie adaptation becomes a huge success. It seems that fans who are waiting for The Winds of Winter will once again be disappointed as the book is not releasing anytime soon.

George RR Martin is Ready to write ‘In The Lost Lands’ Sequel

George RR Martin is Ready to write 'In The Lost Lands' Sequel

George RR Martin recently shared the news of his old story “In the Lost Lands” getting a movie adaptation starring Milla Jovovic and Dave Bautista, and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. While fans are happy that Martin’s story is adapted on the big screen, the 72-year-old author further wrote that he always wanted to write sequels for the book and even penned a few pages.

George says that if the movie is a big hit, maybe there will be sequels, and Gray Alys will finally get her series after all. George RR Martin is ready to write In the Lost Lands sequel, whereas there is no mention of “The Winds of Winter” on the entire blog. Fans are angry that Martin have no respect for his incomplete book and he only wants more money and new projects even at this age.

Will ‘The Winds of Winter’ Book ever get Finished?

Will The Winds of Winter be ever Finished?

The Winds of Winter should have released years ago but that has somehow still not happened. George RR Martin keeps delaying the book every year and there is always a new excuse. Everyone thought that TWOW will be finished in the quarantine as Martin had plenty of time, but things are back to the same point.

The Winds of Winter tentative release date is assumed as Summer 2022 but nothing is fixed yet and no one except George RR Martin himself knows when will the book get finished.

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