George RR Martin shares a Scholarship Story, but Fans are still asking for The Winds of Winter

George RR Martin shares a Scholarship Story, but Fans are still asking for The Winds of Winter
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George RR Martin is a name that is often in the news and every time the author posts something, fans will just ask for The Winds of Winter updates. The 72-year-old fantasy writer recently shared a blog post where he describes how a scholarship he sponsored is helping out people even in the future too.

But as usual, fans are just concerned about one thing and that is ‘The Winds of Winter’ book progress and it is really frustrating at this point. The fanbase should keep calm and let the author work at his own pace because there is no point in having a rushed or unfinished book.

New Blogpost by George RR Martin

George RR Martin in his latest blog post titled ‘Paying it Forward’ shares an email he received from one of the scholarship recipients. The mail is sent by a writer named Isabel Cañas who was the first recipient of Martin’s Worldbuilder scholarship to attend Clarion West in 2018.

Isabel has written a novel titled “The Hacienda” and she is now sponsoring one student for the same and hopes to do it for many more in the future. George says that he is very excited to read the novel and even shared the Goodreads link for the fans. The objective of the post from George RR Martin’s side is to encourage people to help someone, so that they can help others in the future, thus paying it forward.

Fans on The Winds of Winter Updates

While Martin has done a great job by sponsoring new writers, most of the comments on Twitter are asking him to write The Winds of Winter and it is getting toxic at this point.

It is already made clear that GRRM doesn’t handle his social media accounts and hence he might not be even reading any of those comments. Fans should not harass George RR Martin for The Winds of Winter updates as the author will himself share the book progress once he is done.

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