George RR Martin shares Valentine’s Day Post, but Fans harass him for The Winds of Winter Book


George RR Martin is in news these days only for one thing and that is The Winds of Winter book. While the 72-year-old author has contributed to so many projects including books, TV series, and video games, fans nowadays only want an update on the Winds of Winter release date.

It has become so much toxic for Martin that each of his social media posts has been attacked by fans asking him to write The Winds of Winter and stop wasting time on other things. George RR Martin recently shared Valentine’s day post and an anniversary post for his wife Parris, but fans are harassing him for The Winds of Winter release once again.

Fans harass George RR Martin for Valentine’s Day Post

George RR Martin shared an old picture of him and his wife Parris on February 14th with the caption “Happy Valentines Day to my lovely wife Parris <3” but the top comments are still fans asking him to get back to finishing “The Winds of Winter” book. While there are some decent fans who congratulated Martin on the post, but most of them are still rude and asking him to write the book and stop tweeting.

Martin also shared a post the next day celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary with the caption “Happy Anniversary Parris, Here’s to almost 40 years and hopefully many more <3 The motto of chivalry is also the motto of wisdom; to serve all, but love only one. ~Honore de Balzac.” The post is also bombarded with comments about TWOW book and fans are one of the comments says that Taylor Swift has released so many albums recently, but Martin can’t even finish a book.

It is very wrong to compare George RR Martin with Taylor Swift as both of them have different fields of career and have a huge age difference. Further, it is Martin’s book and he will finish The Winds of Winter whenever he wants, the author doesn’t owe us anything.

The Winds of Winter Release Date Update

The Winds of Winter Release Date Update

The Winds of Winter release date is currently speculated as Summer 2022 as per most of the reports. But then again fans should take everything with a grain of salt and wait for an official confirmation from George RR Martin himself. There is no way of reading TWOW unless you see the book in stores or online platforms and the only thing we can do right now is to wait and let Martin finish the book in peace.

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