Get The SSD Upgrades For MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini At More Affordable Rates Now.

SSD Upgrades For MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini

Yeah, you heard it right. Apple has lowered the prices for the SSD upgrades of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacMini. You can now switch to the latest versions at more affordable rates. The Apple store shows live reduced prices of these products in countries like Canada, UK, and the US. However 1TB upgrades and below remains unchanged in terms of cost but the upgrades up to 1.5TB, 2TB and 4TB are cheaper. This reduction in price was along with the launch of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini SSD upgrades. Have a look.

MacBook Air upgrades:

Apple reduced the price for MacBook Air upgrades as well as the base variants. Now the SSD upgrades of about 1.5TB for the base would cost only $1,100. It was earlier $1,200, now available at $100 less.

The SSD upgrade for 256GB variant costs only $900 for about 1.5TB. Earlier, the cost was $1000, a decrease of $100 again is being noticed. The 512GB upgrades remain unchanged for both the models.

MacBook Pro upgrades:

MacBook Pro upgrades are also available at reduced prices. The SSD upgrades of 2TB for the base model of 13-inch costs $1,200, $200 less than earlier. Also, the upgraded MacBook Pro 2TB SSD upgrade is available at $1200, again a drop of $200.

Further, the 15-inch base model is available at $12,00 for 2TB SSD upgrade which was earlier $1,400. While the 4TB costs $3,000, a drop of $400. For upgraded MacBook Pro, you can get SSD upgrades at $1000 for 2TB and $2,800 for 4TB.

Mac Mini upgrades:

Mac Mini upgrade has seen a price drop for only 2TB SSD upgrades for both the base and upgraded models. The 2TB SSD costs $1,400 for the base model of Mac Mini, earlier it was $1600. A drop of$200 can be seen now. While there is no change in costs for upgrades of 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB.

The 2TB SSD upgrade for the Mac Mini upgraded model is now available at $1,200, earlier which was $1,400.

Enjoy the iMac products now at affordable rates. Also, it is been reported that the RAM upgrades are also cheaper now.

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