GFRIEND and Lee Soo Man part of the BBC experiment to study K-pop culture

GFRIEND and Lee Soo Man part of the BBC experiment to study K-pop culture

The BBC Network is planning to come up with a documentary based on the journey as well as the success of K-pop. They specially visited Korea to conduct these interviews with various leading people in the world of K-pop. Lee Soo Man along with the GFRIEND and will be appearing in this BBC documentary about K-pop culture.

In this interview with BBC, the Korean K-pop group, GFRIEND shared they are going to be part of K-Pop’s documentary. The interview by GFRIEND was very candid where GFRIEND talked about various benefits of music shows.

GFRIEND and  The BBC documentary

The documentary featuring GFRIEND will be a project that reflects the Korean as well as the global advent of K-pop. It will give the viewers a better understanding of the K-pop culture and make them aware of its popularity. A number of K-pop themed music shows will be studied and portrayed.

Lee Soo Man globalized K-pop

GFRIEND and Lee Soo Man part of the BBC experiment to study K-pop culture

Lee Soo Man founder of SM entertainment. has globalized K-pop.

An interview with Lee Soo Man was also scheduled by the BBC producers. Lee has been one of the most successful producers in the world of K-pop. He has also established SM entertainment. Currently, he is excessively popular and enjoying a lavish lifestyle.

Korea is the home of K-pop and Lee Soo Man played a major role in exporting this fabulous genre at a global level. Thereby, BBC was convinced is interview was a necessity.

Lee shared his experiences from his pertinent journey. Not only this but he also shared the gradual development of the genre’s fanbase and talked about the future of the genre.

BBC's K-pop Documentary- Lee Soo Man & GFRIEND interviewed..

BTS is a popular K-pop group.

James Ballardi was pleased to interview Lee Soo Man and made a number of praiseworthy statements. He expressed he is startled how Lee’s idea has revolutionized the world of music.

Furthermore, Martin Stevens was very glad about the interview as well and talked about how important Lee’s role is in the upliftment of K-pop.

As revealed by Source music, the documentary by BBC will be broadcasted for the entire world in September 2019.

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