Ghostbusters 2020 shooting begins with a Stranger Things star on board

Ghostbusters 2020 shooting begins with a Stranger Things star on board

The much awaited sequel of Ghostbusters has finally began shooting. Jason Reitman has taken over direction duties from his father for the sequel, Ghostbusters 2020. Reitman confirmed the news posting a photo of the iconic Ecto-1 asking fans if they’re ready to “get rolling”. It’s a great news for fans who will also enjoy Netflix’s Red Notice in 2020.

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You guys ready to get rolling?

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The set photos aren’t out yet but expect them soon. Original Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd said he loved the script for the sequel. The Ghostbusters family will again be played by Carrie Coon and Mckenna Grace but there’s an addition.

Stranger Things star on board for Ghostbusters 2020

Finn Wolfhard will play Coon’s son in the upcoming Ghostbusters 2020. His recent Stranger Things is breaking records so far. The move came as a surprise to Wolfhard who played a similar role in Stranger Things. “Jason Reitman is probably not even going to look at my tape because I’ve already done it in Stranger Things,” he thought.

Ghostbusters 2020 shooting begins with a Stranger Things star on board

Finn Wolfhard will play Carrie Coon’s son in Ghostbusters reboot. Image : Vanity Fair

As things are now, Reitman thinks Wolfhard will bring enough to the table to build another hit. Wolfhard also needs to get comfortable with his on-screen mom Carrie Coon and it seems to be in good progress. “We’re spending more time now, because we just started, but I love her so much.”

Reitman keeps everybody guessing of the plot

The whole team of Ghostbusters 2020 headed by Reitman have chosen to stay shush on the plot. Reitman hinted at inclusion of some unused footage from the original Ghostbusters.

Harold Ramis and Sigourney Weaver have also confirmed about their return in Ghostbusters 2020. Annie Potts will also be back and the fans will get another chance to watch their favorite team together.

Reitman might reveal other additions in the cast sooner than later for Ghostbusters 2020. Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson have also confirmed their return.

It’s something to see if Reitman manages to bring back Rick Moranis. Moranis hasn’t worked in any project since a long time declining to work even in the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot.

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