Girls’ Generation drops hints about musical comeback this year

Girls' Generation drops hints about musical comeback this year

The Nation’s most honorific Girl’s Group has dropped some hints about a dogmatic comeback this year. Yes, we are talking about none other than Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun’s Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation to make a comeback soon enough

Girls' Generation drops hints about musical comeback this year


It’s been four almost years when the lead crooners first embarked on a solo venture. From world tours to physical album sales, the girls’ yielded magnificent results and cumbersome fame from both natives and fans abroad. However, the group as a whole went dead after the songsters reigned solo and unsurpassed.

The stagnated electro-pop band is once again on roads of an agile revival. Girls’ Generation fame lasses have landed us with some vague hints about a more all-embracing comeback this year.

Sonyeo Sidae’s ( by the way, that’s the crude, raw name of Girls’ Generation) main girls involving Tiffany YoungSeohyun and Sooyoung have intimated possibilities of a Girls’ Generation comeback.

The trio made the anticipated announcement during Tiffany Young’s solo concert ‘Tiffany Young Open Hearts Eve’ on August 3. Meanwhile, Sooyoung and Seohyun, too appended Triffany Young to her concert.

The three rocked the stage with their evergreen bubblegum pop music blended with electric rhythms and techno hip-hop.

Triffany makes comeback announcements during solo concert

Triffany took the concert to next levels by embracing concert opening with Girls’ Generation ‘s debut track ‘Into the New World’. The remix plunged on to audiences’ hearts while creating an aura of peace and content altogether. The hands were all raised in joy and raptures.

Seohyun expressed her genuine thanksgiving gesture towards the appealing audience. She commented,

“It feels like we have arrived from overseas to perform like the bigger superstars or pop artists like Lady Gaga. Don’t forget to visit Korea often.” 

Meanwhile, Sooyoung too appraised the audience for a heartfelt listening and to hold on to the event till the later end.

Fans then screamed out about the most awaited comeback for their pop-idol group. To which the three rightfully responded;

These days, we get together well at times and talk a lot. We meet up often and take photos and give it to you all as our gifts. It still has to come out well. We will soon chat and discuss.

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