Glastonbury festival audience rock and rolls on the beats of The Killers

The Killers performs at the Glastonbury making biggest crowd of the festival

The Las Vegas originated rock band “The Killers” performs at the Glastonbury festival. While their presence in the music industry heralds a great change for rock music. However, their last event at the Glastonbury festival made crowds cheer at the loudest. The band performed live at the event with making a cover of Elvis’s song –“Always on my mind”. They also startled their fans with their own original score “Human”.

Glastonbury festival: The Killers welcome Pet Shop Boys

The best of the show carried when “The Killers” welcomed “Pet Shop Boys” on the stage. Moreover, Jimmy Marr, as well as Johnny Marr, also joined the show as a celebratory musician.

While this gesture confirmed their existence as one of the best live performers in the rock genre. In addition, BBC tagged them with “Triumphant” on later accordance with their live performance.

The Killers performs at the Glastonbury making biggest crowd of the festival

Marr accompanies the guitar for the song Mr Brightside
Credits: Daily Mail

As the two guests made their appearance, the crowd’s response made it clear. They were overwhelmed and of course, the cloud cheered for the band. And at the following note, the band finished their event with “Mr Brightside”. And Marr accompanied by his guitar on the song. The event followed singalong from their fans.

The band punches with two debut songs at the beginning

As the event opened, The Killers punched with two most spectacular songs from their debut album. In the beginning, they sang “Jenny was a friend of mine”, followed by “Somebody Told Me”. However, the song titled from their debut album named “Hot Fuss”.

The Killers performs at the Glastonbury making biggest crowd of the festival

Credits: NME Official

The band’s frontman, Brandon Flowers needs no introduction. He as always made the fans frenzy along with his vocals and fingers trickled on the keyboard. Subsequently, he dedicated an emotional song to his mother. The song reached the hearts of every fan standing there while his vocals on “A Dustland Fairytale”.

At last, the Glastonbury festival ends on Sunday, while there will be more appearances other musicians. The set will be on fire when Kylie Minogue, Miley Cyrus and many prominent artists perform. And of course, some fans rolled over with emotions during “The Killers” performance.

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