God of War 5 Release Date, Gameplay Spoilers: Kratos vs Thor Final Boss Battle Confirmed


God of War 5 is one of the most awaited games that fans have been waiting for since finishing the previous title. It became more excited as Thor was revealed as the main villain for the next God of War sequel as fans can’t wait for Kratos to take down the God of Thunder.

The game has been developed by Santa Monica studios for Sony PlayStation exclusive, where it won the Game of the Year award in 2018. The fifth installment of God of War is rumored to be in development as the Game director has teased about it several times. Here are the more updates on God of War 5 release date, gameplay, story spoilers, and chances of Kratos vs Thor as the final boss battle.

God of War 5 Gameplay and Story Spoilers

God of War 5 will continue the storyline from the previous game where it was revealed that Kratos’ son Atreus is actually a giant named Loki. It complicates a lot of things as Loki in Norse mythology is Thor’s adoptive brother whom Oden took with him after defeating the Ice Giants. However, God of War 5 will take a different take on the Norse mythos and might even involve time-travel to show how Loki ends up as the son of Kratos.

It might be possible that Atreus aka Loki is not the real son of Kratos at all, and he might have adapted him to stop the Ragnarok. One thing is confirmed that God of War 5 will feature Thor as the main villain who was teased in the ending of the previous game. Kratos vs Thor as the final boss battle will be amazing to see in the fifth God of War game which could be titled “God of Wars: Ragnarok.”

God of War 5 Release Date: When is the Sequel coming out?

God of War 5 release date has not been announced yet and many rumors claim that it might be revealed at the PlayStation 5 launch. However, the actual release date of God of War sequel will be around 2021-22 as games of such levels are revealed a few years before it is available to the public. Fans are hoping that Sony surprises everyone by revealing that God of War 5 will be available to play on the PS5 console.

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