God of War 5 Release Date, Plot, and Other Details

god of war 5

God of War, one of PlayStation’s most successful games, is returning with its fifth installment. God of War, created by David Jaffee at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, is an action-adventure game.

Fans of the game are expecting a much more intense fifth installment. No wonder the anticipation among gamers for God of War is sky-rocketing with each passing day. The game will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 5.

god of war 5

The 4th installment of the epic game was a gamble for Sony, but fortunately all went well as the game was able to perform well across the board. The game was so well received that the fans are now getting impatient for the fifth installment. The commencement of development of God of War 5 was confirmed by the creators even before God of War 4 came out. God of War 5 will pick up the storyline right where the fourth installment had left it off.

God of War 5: Release Date

No official announcements have been made regarding the release date of God of War 5.

The creative director at SIE Santa Monica, Cary Barlog, had mentioned that Game of War 4 took in total 5 years to develop. God of War 5, though, is not expected to take that long.

God of War 5 will one of the solo major game to release exclusively for the PS5 in the next 2 years.

The fans are regularly scavenging the internet looking for the release date. But don’t you worry, we’ll keep this section updated with any announcements by the makers of the game as well as Sony.

God of War 5: Plot

God of War 4 concluded with a battle between Kratos Baldur leading to the ultimate defeat of Baldur. Freya, Baldur’s mother, is furious with Kratos because of his unruly behavior with Baldur. She is expected to reappear on God of War 5.

Faye, Krato’s wife, also made an appearance in God of War 4. She turns Atreus half God, half Giant. Further, Atreus’ name, Loki, was also revealed.

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