God of War Sequel Confirmed to Release at the PS5 Event by Game Director

  1. God of War sequel could be revealed to the public at the Sony PS5 event which would give fans a first look at the game. The upcoming title in the series is being called “God of War 2” or “God of War 5” and also “God of War sequel” as there are four games in the franchise.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan has assured fans that they will have the best game titles at the PS5 reveal event. Even Jeff Shroff who is the Game Director at Santa Monica Studios has now hinted that God of War sequel could be announced to the world at the PS5 event.

God of War 2 Announcement at Sony PlayStation 5 Event

God of War 2 Announcement at Sony PlayStation 5 Event

God of War 2 could be easily announced at the PS5 digital event as it will be the best platform to launch a game of such high stature. Santa Monica Gameplay Director Jeff Shroff asked the fans on Twitter to join the PS5 reveal event and everyone was quick enough to speculate that it could be related to the God of War sequel game first look reveal.

Even though Shroff didn’t directly mention God of War 2 in the tweet, fans are confident that it is related to the upcoming sequel of God of War game. It could also mean that Santa Monica Studios is making an appearance at the event as the gaming studio comes under the Sony company only. The PlayStation 5 could gain huge popularity if God of War sequel is an exclusive title for the console and Sony would try to make it happen.

God of War Sequel Release Date and Gameplay Rumors

God of War Sequel Release Date and Gameplay Rumors

God of War sequel release date could be set around the end of this year or even 2021 depending on game reveal. There is so much demand for the next entry in God of War series and fans will go into a frenzy if the game is announced at the PS5 event.

There are rumors that God of War sequel will be titled “God of War: Ragnarok” and it would feature God of Thunder, Thor as the main villain. The PS5 reveal event will start at 1 pm PST and it would be revealed soon whether a new God of War game is announced or not.

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