God of War Sequel Release Date and Gameplay Details revealed by Director


“God of War” game director Cory Barlog recently responded to a claim. According to this claim, “God Of War” may release its new version in the upcoming Play station event.

According to rumors, the game will consist of hefty photo realism graphics and can be revealed in the mid of August.

How game director responded to this rumors?

On his Twitter account, Cary Barlog busted the rumors. In his tweet, the game director shared a GIF of a Decepticon meme with wordings,

Looking at some news over the last 24 hours

There are various assumptions that can be made by director’s tweet. One assumption can be he rejects all the rumors about the latest upcoming version. The other assumption can be he want to kept the release a secret, knowingly the fact that it has been leaked online. 

Several days ago, a rumor claiming that “God Of War” next version will be revealed at the upcoming Sony’s was reported by various sites. For the past few years  the game industry is hearing such rumors about the “God Of War”.

But this claim cannot be neglected. As it came from a source, who was able to predict successfully about the revealing of “Fable” game at the upcoming Xbox event.

A YouTube channel named Channel Moore’s Law is Dead is claiming that Sony will reveal “God Of War” for PS5 after the Xbox Games Showcase.

A source is claiming that Sony will reveal the new version of the game in mid of August this year. Earlier, it was claimed that new version of “God Of War” will be released somewhere in 2021.

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