NBA Trade News: Golden State Warriors waive off another veteran

Golden State Warriors waive off another veteran

Shaun Livingston has joined the list of players leaving Golden State Warriors in 2019-20 season. Golden State Warriors are waiving their veteran guard who has had a silent contribution in their remarkable 5 consecutive finals. The move is not yet official but is confirmed from a report by ESPN.

Shaun Livingston Appreciation Thread from warriors

The source requested anonymity since the decision cannot be made public before official confirmations come. The move is expected to help Golden State Warriors in luxury tax. Golden State Warriors get a few acquisition options after this.

Livingstone part of Warriors’ outstanding run

Shaun Livingstone joined Warriors in 2014 and Golden State Warriors since have reached 5 consecutive finals. Golden State Warriors won the championship in 2015, 2017 and 2018. They crashed in 2018 season to Kawhi Leonard led Raptors.

The 33 year old though didn’t have much to show for in his 5 seasons at Warriors. His average was as little as 5.2 points, 2 rebounds and 2.4 assists along with them. Livingstone though contributed handsomely at the bench.

Golden State Warriors waive off another veteran

Livingston had an underpar last season at Warriors. Image :

The 33-year old returned pedestrian numbers of 4-1-1.8 in 2018-19. This might have urged Warriors to waive off their long term guard. That was also a season where he played his lowest games since 2009-10.

Livingstone follows Durant out of Warriors

Kevin Durant’s exit last month to Brooklyn Nets is now followed by Livingstone. Andre Iguodola is also a prominent name that won’t feature in Warriors’ squad this season. Klay Thompson will also be absent for a good part of next season due to his ACL tear. He suffered the injury in NBA finals last season.

Warriors meanwhile have acquired services of All star D’Andre Russell this season. He will join Stephen Curry to head Warriors’ playmaking.

Warriors still look a great side for another final appearance but will definitely miss someone of Durant’s calibre. Who would fill for Livingston’s place at the bench is also something to see. They were not very active in free agency either except for Russell’s acquisition.

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