Google Calendar is down in outage all over the world

Google Calendar is down in outage all over the world-bc

We all use Google Calendar to plan our day to day schedules and other activities. What if Google Calendar is down? Yes, the unthinkable has happened! Google Calendar is down just after an hour of  Google’s tweet of how great it is and the users all over the world are a bit too much worried about it

Android and IOS apps of Google calendar are still functional

Google Calendar is down and is unavailable to users all over the world when accessed through a browser. If you are unable to access the Google Calendar through your browser, don’t worry, it’s not your problem.

Google Calendar is down in outage all over the world

Google calendar’s basic layout

Though Google Calendar became inaccessible through browsers, You still can manage your appointments and other things through the Android and IOS apps of Google Calendar.

G Suite Twitter Irony

Interestingly, the Google Calendar experienced an outage just after a few hours of G suite’s tweet – Scheduling made simpler with the @googlecalendar

Just after 2 hours, Google Calendar is down and users all over the world took to Twitter to complain about the outage. Most of the users phrased it as the ‘Snow day’. G suite also tweeted about the disruption after 2 hours of the earlier tweet and the users are like the earlier tweet didn’t even last for 2 hours.

Many netizens shared GIFs of chaotic workplaces suffering from lack of scheduling with Google Calendar’s outage. G suite also tweeted that they are trying their level best to bring back Google Calendar to be fully functional at the earliest.

Back to back outages for Google

Interestingly, this is not the very first time in the month Google experienced an outage. Earlier, on 2nd of this month, the major services offered by Google like Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, and a host of other services experienced an outage of four hours. G suite took it’s Twitter to confirm this.

Anyways, this is not a very good phenomena for Google to experience such back to back outages as most of the users are so very unhappy about the recent outages. Let us hope Google fixes its problems and get back into the game at the earliest.

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