Google Chrome Bug Alert: Chrome users asked to Update over Security Issues

Google Chrome Bug Alert Chrome users asked to Update over Security Issues

Google Chrome browser has been infected by a new bug that has created problems for more than 2 billion users. The search engine giant has issued a security warning to all the browser users and asked them to update the application on all the platforms including mobiles and PCs.

The security flaw in Google Chrome exists for Windows, Mac and Linux where Android and iOS devices are yet not confirmed to be on the list. While there is not much information out on the bug, everyone is advised to update Chrome to the latest version to stay safe.

Google asks Users to Update Chrome

Google asks Users to Update Chrome

Google has announced in a blog post that the latest stable channel browser has been updated to version 81.0.4044.113 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It will be rolled out for every user over the next few days or weeks and the update includes one important security fix.

While most of the users rarely update Chrome or any other application, it would be tough for Google as most of them keep auto-update off. Google will have to send out other notifications in the form of emails or texts and alter people to update the Chrome browser and stay safe from the bug.

Google asks People to list the Bug Details

Google asks People to list the Bug Details 

Google has already made a list of changes and issues that the update will fix and urged people to add any new issue that they find. The community help forum for Google is the perfect place to gather such data, reach out to people and help or learn on such issues.

Google also announced that the bug details will be kept secret until the majority of the users are updated with the fix. If the big in Chrome has been caused by a third party app or library, it will be restricted until it is fixed.

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