Google Chrome celebrates its 10th Birthday

Google Chrome celebrates it's 10th Birthday
Chrome celebrates its 10th birthday.

A few days ago Google Chrome the most famous web browser worldwide turned 10 and got a new makeover.

Google on the 10th birthday of Google Chrome announced a wide set of new features in worlds most popular web browser.

These new features will be available on both mobile versions and desktop version of the browser.

Google Chrome celebrates it's 10th Birthday

T-Rex gets a party hat on the 10th birthday of Chrome.


  1. Google improvised its password manager and made it more accurate for different sites.
  2. Google Chrome will now be able to create strong passwords automatically. This feature is an important feature in terms of security.
  3. Google has improvised the display of the browser.
  4. Now the users will get more rounded shapes and updated website icons.
  5. Also, Google has introduced a new colour palette in the browser.
  6. The search bar which is also known as the “Omnibox” will now have more information.
  7. Another amazing feature that Google added is that now you can create shortcuts to your favourite sites on the new tab page.
  8. The data saved in your Google account will now be easily accessed directly from the Google Chrome Toolbar.
Google Chrome celebrates it's 10th Birthday

10th birthday gives Chrome a new look.

These improvements might seem to be relatively small but they are very important upgrades. Google has made a lot of changes in its services over the years making them more user-friendly with each upgrade.

10 years ago Internet Explorer was the only preferred web browser in the world but now the time has changed and Chrome rose to new heights.


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