Google Easter eggs follow a bang on search keywords for Independence Day

Google Easter eggs follow a bang on search keywords for Independence Day

The United States is celebrating Independence Day on July 4. The day is also known as the Fourth of July by the citizens. However, Google wishes its people of the country using it google Easter Eggs. For now, the Google search engine optimizes through a query related search. It happens when people search for certain keywords on the Google search engine.

Google Easter Eggs blows in different languages for related keywords

There are certain queries or keywords that work while the Easter Eggs are on. As Independence Day is near, keywords like “Fireworks” or “Fourth of July” will give colorful fireworks. As soon as the search results load the fireworks will tend to blow on the screen.

The keywords are also optimized with the Spanish language for the Easter eggs. Spanish keywords such as “Cuarto de Julio” or even “Fuegos artificiales” measure the same kind of show.

Google Easter eggs follow a bang on search keywords for Independence Day

Avengers related keyword results from Google Easter eggs
Credits: The verge

However, this kind of Easter Eggs isn’t for the first time from Google. During the release of Avengers: End Game Google planted such Easter egg for their esteemed Marvel fans.

A little query search for the Avengers or the Thanos, allowed an Infinity gauntlet to appear. On clicking the gauntlet slowly erased all the search results related to Avengers or Thanos. And off course, Thanos was responsible for erasing the half of the Universe by a single snap.

There are many other different challenging tasks

Google now officially releases certain Easter eggs which claim certain message or for enjoyment. And for the support of other mainstream genders, Google traditionally marked June as a pride month.

During the pride month for all Gays and Lesbian, they add a rainbow aside the google search bar. However, this happens when anyone queries for Lesbian or gay or transgender.

Google Easter eggs follow a bang on search keywords for Independence Day

Google results show the number for hitchhikers galaxy guide
Credits: ZDNet

There are plenty of Google Easter eggs hidden inside the google library. The funniest is the hitchhiker’s galaxy guide, it reads a message- It reads to the answer the universe and everything.

And the end result is a numerical number “42”. Through time people and scientist are trying to decode the secret behind it. But later Douglas Adams himself revealed it’s just a joke. So now Google returns the result as 42 whenever some searches for it.

There are funnier and challenging Google Easter eggs such as “Recursion” or the “do a barrel roll”. Check them and come back for more updates for more news and articles from BlockToro.

Google’s Gift to you on the Fourth of July

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