Google Home Mini free giveaway by Spotify to its premium subscribers

Google Home Mini as gifts by Spotify to its premium subscribers
Spotify Family gifts Google Mini.

Spotify is a music streaming platform which started in 2008. Spotify is a  Swedish company that has gained amazing popularity amongst music lovers. And this time it is gifting Google Home Mini. But how?

Managing more than 40 million soundtracks the company provides many features including good sound quality, ad-free music and offline mode.

Google Home Mini as gifts by Spotify to its premium subscribers

Spotify gifts Google Mini

The company announced that it will be gifting Google Home mini to its premium subscribers in Canada.

What is Google home mini?

Well, Google home mini is Google’s device that is powered by Google Assistant. The device answers all of the questions or tasks you say it to do like playing music.

This offer of gifting Google mini to Spotify’s premium user is available for both the new as well as existing premium account holders.

Google Home Mini as gifts by Spotify to its premium subscribers

In Canada buying a premium Spotify account will cost around 9.99 Canadian dollars per month while the family account which supports five users charges up to 14.99 Canadian dollars.

However, this offer is only valid for single premium account holders who pay 9.99 Canadian dollars a month.

The offer is valid until 9th May 2019.


Once you have completed the process of getting a premium account you will receive an e-mail to claim your free Google mini.

Just click on the link and it will direct you to the Google online store.

Enter your shipping address and automatically a coupon code will be applied.


With Spotify and Google coming together to work, listening to music anywhere or anytime would become much more convenient. Users will get a whole experience that they might never have on Spotify before.

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