Google Pixel 4a Release Date to be Moved Up to Balance the Poor Pixel 4 Sales

Pixel 4a Release Date, Camera Specs- Google needs to Release the Budget Smartphone Soon

Google Pixel 4a release date should have happened by now if it wasn’t for the COVID-19 pandemic delaying the smartphone launch. It has already become a critical year with the tech industry mainly affected by the coronavirus outbreak, stopping production in the Chinese factories and disrupting the supply chain.

However, Google needs to hurry with the Pixel 4a release as the poor sales of the Pixel 4 series smartphones could be big trouble for the business. Here are more details on the expected Pixel 4a release date, sales prediction and how Pixel 4 figures have forced Google to hurry with the launch.

Pixel 4a Sales for Google will be Better than Pixel 4

Pixel 4a Sales for Google will be Better than Pixel 4

Google Pixel series smartphones have a unique place in the market where they are mostly preferred for their camera specs and stock Android experience. It is a surprise that in the world of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, One Plus, etc. devices, the Pixel mobiles have maintained their foothold. But the same competition has also affected the sales of the Pixel 4 series and despite selling more pieces that the One Plus counterpart, it is not even in the top-selling smartphones.

The recent Pixel sales reports indicate that the mid-range Pixel 3a had better numbers than the regular Pixel 3 devices. It will be the same for Pixel 4 too as the Pixel 4 sales are quite low and the budget variant will balance the numbers soon. The camera of Pixel 4a is expected to have better quality than the iPhones and Samsung Galaxy counterpart, which makes it a perfect smartphone at a $400 price range.

Google Pixel 4a Release Date and COVID-19 Delay

Google Pixel 4a Release Date and COVID-19 Delay

Google Pixel 4a price is expected to be under $400 and with a crisp camera that clicks amazing pictures even in the low light, it will certainly make an impact in the smartphone industry. There are reports that Google is planning to launch the Pixel 4a in July and the mid-range smartphone will be available in stores from August. Google needs to move the release date of Pixel 4a as early as possible, due to the iPhone SE from Apple taking over the mid-range market.

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