Google Pixel 6 Release Date, Features: Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor in Android 12 Update

Google Pixel 6 Release Date, Features: Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor in Android 12 Update
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Google Pixel 6 is coming out in the smartphone market soon and it will be loaded with the latest features. While most of the latest phones are already coming up with an under-display fingerprint scanner but Google is yet to adopt the technology in their Pixel series smartphones.

Although, that could change with the upcoming Pixel 6 series as there are reports that the Search-Engine giant is implementing the in-display sensors. Here are the latest updates on Google Pixel 6 release date, features and other smartphone updates.

Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner in Google Pixel 6

Google has recently revealed the Android 12 developer preview version two and it has hinted at a lot of new features in the operating system that would be available in the Pixel 6 series smartphones. As per one of the developers going through the Android 12 OS code, the Pixel 6 has a new class labeled “UdfpsControllerGoogle” with “udfps,” meaning under-display fingerprint scanner.

The report clears it out that the new class is not added for any open source project and specifically belongs to Google’s own range of smartphones that is Pixel 6 and other upcoming devices. While Google removed the fingerprint scanners in Pixel 4, it was brought back in Pixel 5.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the companies are replacing the Face ID sensors with Touch ID so that users won’t have to remove their mast to access their smartphones. We can easily interpret that Google Pixel 6 will have the under-display fingerprint sensors as the authentication type. 

Google Pixel 6 Release Date Updates

Google Pixel 6 release date could be set around October 2021 as the company launches its flagship devices during their annual fall event. There are also reports of Google releasing a smartphone around June but that could be about the Pixel 5a and not the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 XL. Even Apple is reported to bring back the Touch ID in the iPhone 13 and it won’t be a surprise if Google does the same with Pixel 6 series smartphones.

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