Google Search on Mobile gets a new look


Now the users will get a new searching experience on Google Search. This time for the search results displayed in mobile devices, Google has rolled out new looks. With this new look, the users will be able to see the branding of websites centre and front.

According to the company, this upgrade is aimed for the users to understand better, where the information is coming from. In the next few days, the new look will reach to all as said by the company. However, it is not confirmed that when the Desktop users will get this new look.

Mobile searches on Google will get a new look

In a blog post written by Google, it is written that with this new design one can better understand the source of information. In the new design, the name of the website will appear on the results. Also, the icon of the website will be visible. This will be followed by the title of the page and the description of the page.

The Ad will also get a new Bold look

In addition to this, the advertisement will now have a bold Ad label. This is replaced with the previous green Ad label. Apart, from these changes, the Company also said that in a few months there will be some more amazing changes in the mobile search. Some of these changes are reviewed by the company that includes full coverage for news results in the search and the AR search results.

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