Google Stadia Will Soon Replace Console Games Like PS5 And X Box Scarlett

Google Stadia PS5 and Xbox Scarlett

Google Stadia, a big announcement that Google made this March 2019. It had made a promise to reduce all the hardware costs and pirated versions. But this “Project Stream” (as Google called it earlier) had a very depressing impact on console games like PS5 by Sony and X Box Scarlett by Microsoft. Because it is just like a gauntlet that the Google throws to the paths of Sony and Microsoft.

Google Stadia: The Project Stream

Google launched its cloud gaming service recently in March. It can stream video games up to a resolution of 4K. You can access the game through Google Chrome. Furthermore, compatible with controllers of HID class USB, Google Stadia made its debut in October 2018, through a closed beta. It gives a direct competition to the console games like PS5 and X Box Scarlett.

What makes Google Stadia the best choice over PS5 and X Box Scarlett

The tech-game excels in the competition because of the freedom that it provides to play on your laptop, PC, and MacBook. You can even play it on your smartphones, which is not in the case of traditional console games. Its vision is to make a platform that brings developers, spectators, and the players all into a single place.

What is more interesting than just tapping “Play” button on YouTube video and start playing the game with a controller. Yeah! Google Stadia allows to play the game through its trailer on YouTube. Also, it does not involve an install process of 50GB and other beefy specs. That is, just open Google Chrome and start playing with your controller. The additional functionality of Google Assistant lets you ask questions if you get stuck somewhere while playing the game.

Google Stadia: The features that gives it an edge.

Data centers are spread over 7500 edge locations in 200 different countries to serve the content. Google Stadia is set to launch in 2019 the same year in which PS5 and X Box Scarlett will launch as per analysts. When it comes to strength, you can access 10.7 teraflops of processing power of graphics (as compared to Play Station 4 Pro offering 4.2 teraflops and X Box One X’s 6 teraflops).

Really, Google Stadia is going to take over PS5 and x Box Scarlett if this is the case. Do not just waste your time and money in traditional ones.

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