Google Trips: The new travel booking app by Google is taking all the hype


Google has planned to combine all the travel features into one app named Google Trips. The travel features include Google hotels, Google flights, etc. Google is popular for simplifying the user interface for efficient use. Another idea by Google is going to let users use the features conveniently.

Steps to use Google Trips

This app will firstly let you select your destination you want to travel. It will then show you the options for flight, travel guides, vacation packages or hotels. Once you book through the Google Trips, you can get all the booking receipt for future references.

Google Trips: The new travel booking app by Google is taking all the hype

This idea is to avail all the features summoned in one app. It will be hassle-free. The users will be able to schedule their tour plans or vacations without toggling different apps. The app includes displaying your booking details on Google maps by pinpointing your hotel on the map. There will be an explore tab on routes that will show you nearby places to visit.

Google Trips landing page is made live on the web for its early reviews. The company gave no specific information about how this live web landing page will impact the unreleased app. Google Trips app will act as a competitor to the app TripIt, which also shows itineraries offline.

Features of Trips

The best feature of Google Trip will be that it will stop you from switching between mobile and laptop for your bookings. It will let you keep track of your booking, either online or offline. For booking your travel plans, you will need the internet. For viewing your transactions and your booking itineraries, you need not require a connection.

This move by Google is going to be another evolutionary step for the user’s convenience. It creates an environment of competition to the apps that provide the same service. The web landing page is already live for use, and the users also wait for the app with full functionality to review it.

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