GoPro Hero 9 Features Wishlist: Lens Cover, 4K Slo-Mo, Fast Processor, Large Display Screen

GoPro Hero 9 Features Wishlist Lens Cover, 4K Slo-Mo, Fast Processor, Large Screen

GoPro Hero 9 is coming out this year and the action camera will be filled with brand new features. Fans are excited to see what’s in store this times as GoPro have always been ahead of their competitors. There are a lot of new upgrades that fans would like to see in the Hero 9 action camera.

It is still some time before GoPro releases the Hero 9 camera as they launch new products around September or October. Here are more details on GoPro Hero 9 features wishlist that everyone wants to see in the upcoming action camera.

GoPro Hero 9 Features Fan Wishlist

GoPro Hero 9 Features Fan Wishlist

Lens Cover: Every GoPro user would love it if Hero 9 comes with a default lens cover to protect the camera. GoPro removed the lens cover feature from Hero 8 and fans were not very fond of the update. The main reason lens cover was removed is that the company wanted users to get GoPro Plus subscription at $4.99 per month which provided cloud storage and insurance plan.

GoPro Plus allowed the action camera user to replace the damaged lens twice a year. However, fans would like to have GoPro Hero 9 equipped with a lens cover as it is cheaper and hassle-free than replacing the damaged lens.

4K Slo-Mo Recording: Even though GoPro camera provides slo-mo and 4K recording, it can be done together. Fans would love to capture moments in slow motion while it is recorded at the best quality with 120 fps and 4K quality. GoPro Hero 9 action camera should have the 4K slo-mo video recording feature as fans have demanded it for so long.

Fast Processor: GoPro Hero 9 seriously needs to upgrade the processor as they have been using GP1 CPU since its sixth iteration. It is time for Hero 9 to have a faster processor that can handle image processing on a larger scale with the lowest load time.

Large Display Screen: Everyone who is planning to buy the new GoPro Hero 9 would love to have a larger edge to edge display screen in the action camera. It would be easier to navigate the menu and preview the captured photos and videos with a larger display in the Hero 9 camera.

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