Gordon Ramsay 24 Hours To Hell & Back season 3 renewed by FOX

24 Hours to Hell & Back with Gordon Ramsay is renewed for season 3

Gordon Ramsay will continue to pullout restaurants from morass with the renewal of his show ‘24 Hours to Hell & Back’ for season 3 by FOX. Well, this clearly indicated the strengthening relationship of Gordon Ramsay and FOX TV network after the announcement broke this afternoon.

The news of the upcoming season of the unscripted show, however, came several months after season 2 was over.

All About 24 Hours to Hell & Back with Gordon Ramsay

24 Hours to Hell & Back with Gordon Ramsay is renewed for season 3

The show co-produced by Gordon Ramsay, Tim Warren, Kenny Rosen, Elvia Van Es Olivia and Layla Smith saves non-profiting restaurants from their nightmares. Further, the show constitutes of 10 episodes. And Gordon Ramsay here tries to restore the restaurant back to its glory in 24 hours.

In the process first, Gordon Ramsay with his team goes and sees the restaurant undercover. Hereafter he with his creative team reshapes the interiors, menu and kitchen of the broke restaurant.

Running successfully for two seasons, the third season will follow the footsteps of the show. Show’s season 1  however scored solid ratings for Fox. Moreover, Season 2 too managed to score the same 1.0 live + same-day rating with the adult audience ranging from 18 to 49.

All About 24 Hours to Hell & Back Season 3

24 Hours to Hell & Back with Gordon Ramsay is renewed for season 3

Well, the renewal has landed a sum of 4 shows to the chef’s pocket. Gordon Ramsay will now be seen running Fox’s season 3 along with “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Masterchef Junior” and a possible “Masterchef” predicted to kick start a new season too.

So, Restaurateurs feel sorry for yourself and lucky too at the same time because you might just rise back again in your business with Gordon Ramsay.

Moreover, Ramsay recently rolled out his Nat Geo series “Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted”. In the show the chef makes travels going and meeting indigenous people and taking lessons about their traditional foods. So if you haven’t already, go and catch the famous chef on this one.

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