Grand Theft Auto 6: What are the latest Updates on the Sixth Grand Theft Auto Game?

grand theft auto 6

A fresh discovery of a job description who works at Rockstar Games seems to suggest that the studio has been in the works for an undisclosed title since 2018. Some have argued that this title could very well be Grand Theft Auto 6. Although no confirmations have been issued by Rockstar Games about working on the sixth installment of the widely popular series, it is certain that a sequel is being developed.

grand theft auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6: What we think is going on

The main game and GTA Online’s dual popularity has given the developers some time to work on the sixth installment without rushing into releasing a new entry, But given that several next-generation consoles are scheduled to release late in the year, it will create a perfect opportunity to launch the sequel. Nevertheless, fans must not expect Grand Theft Auto 6 to release anytime in the near future. Afterall, the studio is also currently focusing on GTA V’s new version for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Grand Theft Auto 6: Indications of development-in-progress

NickPlaysGamesX, a Twitter user, had discovered the employment information of Sarah Overend, a Rockstar employee, which said that she has been working on Red Dead Online alongwith “TBA” since Dec, 2018. Sarah claims specialization in gameplay and weapons animation, which are things that would understandably be a necessity for the future Grand Theft Auto games. Although no direct evidence can be produced for concluding this unannounced game to be Grand Theft Auto 6, it seems highly likely since Rockstar does not have any other known projects currently in development.

If it does come up the Rockstar commenced the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 a while ago, it will not surprise anybody. Games such as GTA require inputting significant time into development. Moreover, it is quite unlikely that Rockstar has been working only on Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA Online since 2018. We hope Rockstar will make an official announcement for Grand Theft Auto 6 in the coming months and reveal more information for the fans.

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