GTA 5 Coming Up With New Liberty City Content for PS5 and Xbox Series


Sony, in the recent PS5 digital event, announced about Rockstar Games’ “GTA 5” be released on its next-generation gaming console. The hit installment of the big “Grand Theft Auto” series is also probably on the way to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. The “GTA 5” version will come along with Liberty City DLC, which is releasing on Xbox Series X and PS5, says a fan theory.

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GTA 5: Single Player DLC

The latest details about the next-generation gaming console version of “GTA 5” was shared by a fan on Reddit. As mentioned by the user name Mr. Phillips, brand new content would be featured in the improved and extended version of “GTA 5”. Also, such fresh content will be in a single-player downloadable content structure.

Furthermore, the Reddit user observed that the single-player downloadable content of “GTA 5” for PS5 and Xbox Series X would take the players back to the wicked Liberty City. For the naïve, Liberty City series is the real-life New York City. It is also the central location of “GTA IV”.

As per the fan’s theory, the parent company of Rockstar Games, Take Two Initiative gave a suspension order to all the websites issuing and running the GTA 5 modding tool of OpenIV. The informant further said that a significant part of the project is to bring GTA IV to GTA 5. The fans also noticed that the trailer unveiled at the PS5 event was a repurposed video of the title appearing on the PlayStation 4.

GTA to launch Liberty City DLC on the next-generation version of the game

The Reddit user pointed out that it is bizarre to roll out a title at a big PS5 digital event with a video of the game running on the PS4. Moreover, a video of the GTA 5 running on Sony’s next-generation gaming console would have made it a better launch, said the fan. He also thinks that it made no sense what Rockstar games did at the event.

The only explanation could be the possibility that the gaming studio revised Liberty City and wants to introduce it to the next-generation gaming. This notion also connects with the previously leaked image disclosing the revised picture of the infamous Liberty City. The gaming studio was rumored to be busy with Liberty City DLC but wrecked it since they wanted to prioritize GTA Online.

Awaiting GTA 5 in the PS5 and Xbox Series

While the fan theory about GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X sounds mind-blowing, it is just a notion and not an official announcement from the developers.

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