GTA 6 Latest Updates, Estimated Release Date, Map Extension Leak and More Updates


Grand Theft Auto 6 has too many rumours surrounding it. Especially with regards to the release date, fans are placing it in a broad time frame: 2021-2023. That does seem possible given Rockstar Games’ track record of recent releases. The years 2020 And 2021 seem quite unlikely for GTA 6 release.

Rockstar Games

Speculations About The Release Date

It was rumoured that GTA VI will release this holiday. And that would coincide with the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X. Reportedly, it would be a PlayStation timed exclusive. And the game would take place in Liberty City and Vice City. This rumour, however, is most certainly a misinterpretation because it turned out to be Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to next-gen.


In 2019, at the Brasil Game Show, Trevor actor Steven Ogg reportedly stated that games “take seven to eight years to make, do the math”. Another person, who used to be an employee at Rockstar Games, backed that theory. But he also stated that Rockstar “places emphasis on game quality rather than hitting a deadline.”

More Theories On Grand Theft Auto 6

One theory focuses on several labelled doors at Los Santos airport in Grand Theft Auto 5: 2013, 2014, and 2021. This could be referenced to GTA 5’s original release in 2013, the re-release for PS4/Xbox One in 2014, and apparently GTA VI in 2021. Once again this could be another misconception with Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS5/Xbox Series X.



A poster from eight years ago for a rock band in Max Payne 3 could be release date teasing. The poster lists dates for concerts, several of which line up with release dates for games that came out both before and after Max Payne 3. While the year wasn’t listed, each month and day matches up with GTA 4, GTA 5, and also Red Dead Redemption 2. Of course, the last date on the poster is October 29 for “Vice City,” which many presume is the date for GTA 6.

News On Grand Theft Auto 6 Map

GTA Vice City was the pioneer for quite a lot of gaming and pop culture. It was one of the firsts to capitalise on the nostalgic value of the 80s. And it featured what was perhaps the best soundtrack, with some of the best music from the 80s. Vice City is considered to be a pop-culture phenomenon and a beloved title in the history of the franchise. No doubt, the gaming community is hoping for a return to the city they practically grew up in. At least in digital form.

Vice City

Players are pretty sure by now that the next GTA game will take place in the Vice City. That’s the only location Rockstar Games are yet to return to. However, they do have a track record of making bold decisions and might do the unexpected by not opting for Vice City at all and instead introducing a completely new location.

Another gossip came out that a game was being developed under the working title “Project AMERICAS”. Fans assumed that any project having to do with America must be a GTA game. One that is likely to include two separate open-world areas where the player can travel to and from.

The other open-world area will probably be a Southern American-inspired city, like Brazil. And the player will be able to travel to and from the location using air travel or other means. This means that GTA would be going down the Witcher 3 route with multiple open-world areas with easy navigation between them.

Map Extension Story

In the most recent news, a picture alleged to be of a portion of the map of the next GTA game was released. The photograph details parts of the map that players are familiar with from GTA Vice City and expands further to a great degree. Due to anonymity of the source, such news can’t be taken as one hundred per cent accurate. Nonetheless, players would certainly appreciate Rockstar expanding upon a map that is already loved by everyone in the GTA community.

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