GTA 6 Leaks Roundup: Maps, Cities, Characters, Timeline, Weapons, Vehicles and More


GTA 6 leaks and rumors are coming out daily even though Rockstar Games have not confirmed anything about the game development. Fans were hoping that GTA 6 will be revealed at the PS5 event, but the makers disappointed everyone with a new and upgraded version of GTA V for the next-gen console.

However, that doesn’t mean that GTA VI is not in development as it could break all the records after coming out, and hence Rockstar must be easily working on the game. Here is the roundup of all the GTA 6 leaks that have been out now which shows what the next game might contain in terms of maps, cities, characters, weapons, vehicles, and more features.

GTA 6 Release Date and Development

GTA 6 release date will only be out once Rockstar Games announces the game and they can’t hold it for much longer as it has been so many years since the last title came out. Fans are getting angrier and even planning to boycott the GTA V PS5 version as they want the sixth GTA game instead of playing the same old game on the new console. There are some reports which claim that GTA 6 could come out in 2023 where Rockstar will announce the game next year.

GTA 6 Release Leaks and Rumors Compilation

GTA 6 is in development with the code name “Project AMERICAS” and it will be set in the fictional Vice City and the actual Rio De Janeiro city.

Some of the GTA 6 missions will be set in Liberty City which will be as realistic as Red Dead Redemption 2 in terms of an arcade feel.

.There will be 3 main playable characters in GTA 6 which include a cop, a gangster, and a female bartender.

There will be a giant prison in GTA 6 which will play a crucial role in the storyline and many of the missions will be set in there.

GTA 6 will include different timelines where time will gradually pass, changing buildings, trees and other such things.

GTA 6 might make the classical cars more expensive and making it as close to real life price as possible.

The weapon system in GTA 6 will also be made realistic where you can’t keep bigger items in pocket and can only carry limited ammo and guns.

GTA 6 is rumored to be heavily inspired from Narcos series on Netflix and will feature several gang-wars and music from 70’s and 80’s.

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